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Intro to Zen Mind

My dear heart

My dear heart..never think you are better than others.
Listen to their sorrows with compassion.
If you want peace, don’t harbor bad thoughts
do not gossip and don’t teach what you do not know.

~ Rumi

Source: Rumi

Is there life after death? (15 min)

17 Jan 2015

Thay answers questions on 21 June 2014. Question 6


raven tickled rainbow
tiger temple appeared
it clings to mountain
always lands on its feet

The head is in the mind

One cannot succeed Looking for the mind In the head; the mind is not In the head, the head is in the mind.

◆Wu Hsin◆

M.T. Mind

Let that truth speak for itself

Source:Bradley Ross Coutts

So many people on the “high moral ground” often desire to help others so much they actually try to force others to do the “right thing”. They are so attached to whatever they consider is right that they need to have others do the same. They cant let it go. They can’t accept you for who you are because you are not “right” in their mind.

Truth is you cant know what is right for anyone but yourself. And I’ll let you in on a secret, forcing someone to do something even if its the right thing, is not right for you or anyone else. By forcing the “right thing” on another you have done the exact opposite of what you hoped. You wished to inspire someone to your way of life, but instead you have poisoned the well. You have made it distasteful to do what is right.

The less free someone feels to make choices for themselves the more they rebel against whatever direction is suggested. But if instead you allow people their freedom, allow them their choice, they just may see your example or ask for your help or advice. Then your advice will go a long way. But if you are forcing advice on others the person you are “helping” will take two steps backwards in progress.

Be aware of all this. See what you are doing. Lao Tzu says if you grab you let slip. If you want to help, if you want to convince others of your truth, then let that truth speak for itself. You may speak your mind, but if you sense any resistance stop giving advice, and just love, accept and provide the example. Not only is this enough, this is the most one can do under those circumstances to help others.

Relax, accept, forgive, be the proof of your truth, give advice when they are receptive, but only when receptive.~ BRC


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