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Shunryu Suzuki: Beginner’s Mind



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Shunryu Suzuki: Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind is a book of teachings by the late Shunryu Suzuki, a compilation of talks given to his satellite Zen center in Los Altos, California. Published in 1970 by Weatherhill, the book is not academic. These are frank and direct transcriptions of Suzuki’s talks recorded by his student Marian Derby. Trudy Dixon and Richard Baker (Baker was Suzuki’s successor) edited the talks by choosing those most relevant, arranging them into chapters. According to some, it has become a spiritual classic, helping readers to steer clear from the trappings of intellectualism.

▶ Shunryu Suzuki: Beginner’s Mind – YouTube.

You may not like what you see but look at yourself

You may not like what you see but look at yourself.

See what you are. Then accept yourself. It may be hard to accept, you may want to be someone else, you may feel you need to change. But acceptance of yourself as you are now is the only way positive change may result in a lasting manner.

From accepting yourself and loving yourself just as you are you will grow into what nature had intended. The aim of nature is always harmony, always joyful existence. Let nature take you there, just learn to love yourself fully as is. Love will heal the deepest emotional wounds but the love must be sustained.

Bradley Ross Coutts


We are what we think

we are what we think

Zen Meditation Music

Most of our difficulties, our hopes, and our worries are empty fantasies


“Most of our difficulties, our hopes, and our worries are empty fantasies. Nothing has ever existed except this moment. That’s all there is. That’s all we are. Yet most human beings spend 50 to 90 percent or more of their time in their imagination, living in fantasy.

We think about what has happened to us, what might have happened, how we feel about it, how we should be different, how others should be different, how it’s all a shame, and on and on; it’s all fantasy, all imagination. Memory is imagination. Every memory that we stick to devastates our life.”

― Charlotte Joko Beck

Open to your Heart and simply Be

You are the unchangeable Awareness in which all activity takes place. You are eternal Being, unbounded and undivided. Just keep Quiet. All is well. Do not entertain any notions that you are in trouble. Be kind to yourself. Open to your Heart and simply Be.

~ Papaji ~

Source: Tao & Zen

Buddhist Politics

Source: Buddhist Politics | Great Middle Way

13239064_779624735470337_8971857363285702138_nPeople should be able to live without enduring poverty. Grain and other necessities should be given to small farmers. Capital should be provided to traders, and proper wages should be paid to the employed.

When people have security and can earn an adequate income, they will be contented, without fear and worry. Because of this, the country will be at peace and there will be no crime.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Digha Nikaya


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