The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step


Whenever the mind is happy or sad, don’t fall for it. Its all a deception

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“Whenever the mind is happy or sad, don’t fall for it. It’s all a deception.”
~ Ajahn Chah


The knack of refraining

Many of our escapes are involuntary: addiction and dissociating from painful feelings are two examples. Anyone who has worked with a strong addiction—compulsive eating, compulsive sex, abuse of substances, explosive anger, or any other behavior that’s out of control—knows that when the urge comes on it’s irresistible. The seduction is too strong. So we train again and again in less highly charged situations in which the urge is present but not so overwhelming. By training with everyday irritations, we develop the knack of refraining when the going gets rough. It takes patience and an understanding of how we’re hurting ourselves not to continue taking the same old escape route of speaking or acting out.

– Pema Chödron

from the book “Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change”

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The three fires of destruction

A Meditative Life – The Saddhamma of Gotama the Buddha


Source: Anger | Great Middle Way


Jan 10, 2019


What is anger? It is a vindictive attitude towards sentient beings, towards frustration, and towards that which gives rise to frustration.

Its function is to serve as a basis for faultfinding and for never attaining even a moment of happiness.

Arya Asanga

When we get angry, we suffer

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“When we get angry, we suffer. If you really understand that, you also will be able to understand that when the other person is angry, it means that she is suffering. When someone insults you or behaves violently towards you, you have to be intelligent enough to see that the person suffers from his own violence and anger. But we tend to forget. We think that we are the only one that suffers, and the other person is our oppressor. This is enough to make anger arise, and to strengthen our desire to punish. We want to punish the other person because we suffer. Then, we have anger in us; we have violence in us, just as they do. When we see that our suffering and anger are no different from their suffering and anger, we will behave more compassionately. So understanding the other is understanding yourself, and understanding yourself is understanding the other person. Everything must begin with you.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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Anger, patience, and 100 days of sorrow

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Oct 4, 2018


When angry, we do not know what is good for us;

when angry, we do not see the Dharma.

When anger overcomes us,

we dwell in blind darkness.

—Buddha Shakyamuni, Gandhari Dharmapada

When anger arises

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Thich Nhat Hanh Philosophy & Practice

The country of Dharma

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My father is wisdom and my mother is voidness.
My country is the country of Dharma.
I am of no caste and no creed.
I am sustained by perplexity;
And I am here to destroy lust, anger and sloth.

– Padmasambhava

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July 16, 2018

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Although you may spend your life killing,

you will not exhaust all your foes.

But if you quell your own anger,

your real enemy will be slain.

—Arya Nagarjuna