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Anger and jealousy

Anger and jealousy are related to our sense of self-centredness and our disregard for others. Self-centredness easily gives rise to fear, which fosters irritation, which, when it blazes into anger, can provoke violence. The time has come to accept that if we’re talking about peace in the world, we have to consider peace within ourselves.

Dalai Lama

Stairway to wisdom

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Susan Lurié

To study the way is to study the self

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Better, Higher, Holier

Source: Better, Higher, Holier | Great Middle Way

Aug 21, 2017

847ab54bfa5a7f50146b8f0a223ff198Because all sentient beings have Buddha Nature, all we need for liberation and enlightenment are peace and clarity. Peace is the absence of afflicted emotions; clarity is the empty luminosity of the mind.

Enlightenment is not a supernatural state; it does not make us better, higher, or holier. It is our essential reality. There is no “secret way”, no “most powerful practice”. All practices –“high” and “low”– are simply methods to release afflicted emotions and rest the attention on luminous clarity. They are skillful means.

In truth, they are merely descriptions of what happens spontaneously when we recover our natural state. The “higher practices” are not something “we” do.

Calm waters

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Monday Zen Humor

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Creative Systems Thinking

Watch your thoughts

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The Art Of Ancient Wisdom