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Don’t give up!

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 Unfortunately a number of practitioners have low self-esteem. They think, “It’s impossible for me to achieve Buddhahood, it only happens to others. I have such a distracted mind, a mind full of disturbing emotions. There is just no way that I can achieve omniscience and benefit countless beings. It’s just impossible for me to even contemplate such a thing.”

There are numerous ways to overcome this low self-esteem. One such way is to read the biographies of the many past practitioners of Buddhism who’ve achieved Buddhahood. Many of them met with far more challenges in their lives than we’re currently experiencing in ours.

Even Shakyamuni Buddha, before he reached enlightenment, had far worse rebirths than we’re experiencing now. He also once had far stronger disturbing emotions than we currently have. He even once carried out far more destructive actions than we’ve ever done in this life. But based on his Buddha-nature he managed to achieve enlightenment.

We must develop great self-confidence, we must sincerely believe, “I have Buddha-nature. I can do it. If Shakyamuni Buddha did, so can I.”

Now this is very different from pride – that puffed up, arrogant state of mind that causes problems for ourselves and others. So while we have great self-confidence in the fact that we can become a Buddha, instead of pride, our actions must remain humble.

The greatest gift

Image result for Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. -Buddha