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Intro to Zen Mind

Don’t fabricate any things with the six senses

Putting aside all concerns, shed all attachments. Do nothing at all. Don’t fabricate any things with the six senses. If you want to clarify the mind-ground, give up your jumble of limited knowledge and interpretation, cut off thoughts of usualness and holiness, abandon all delusive feelings.

Although the ancient Teachings are a long-standing means to clarify the mind, do not read, write about, or listen to them obsessively because such excess only scatters the mind. Now think of what is without thought. How can you think of it? Be Before Thinking. This is meditation.”


The ocean moves

“The ocean moves, not because it wishes to move
or because it knows that it is wise or good:
it moves involuntarily, unconscious of movement.
It is thus that you also will return to Tao,
and when you have returned, you will not know it,
because you yourself would have become Tao.”

~Wei Wu Wei

Do not waste your life

Kanzeon Zen Center Zendo (

In Zen monasteries you often see these words on a wooden board:

Great is the matter of life and death
Moments go by swiftly and are lost
To squander time is a great shame
Do not waste your life.

True Peace cannot be disturbed

What is called Peace by many
is merely the absence of disturbance.
True Peace cannot be disturbed;
it resides beyond the reach of disturbance.
~ Wu Hsin ~




First we name. Then we describe



First we name.
Then we describe. Then we compare.
Then we set one first, another last. As soon as we start to name
it’s time to stop.
Tao Te Ching


Every time a problem arises

Every time a problem arises, the essential thing is to immediately become aware that the problem comes from our selfish mind, that it is created by self-cherishing thoughts. As long as you put the blame outside yourself, there can be no happiness.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche


Selfish Mind ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Looking for consciousness in the brain

Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer.

Nassim Haramein

The Resonance Project



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