The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step


Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – The Nature of Mind (6 min)

No heaven, no earth

The whole universe
Shatters into a hundred pieces.
In the great death
There is no heaven, no earth.

Once body and mind have turned over,
There is only this to say:

Past mind cannot be grasped,
Present mind cannot be grasped,
Future mind cannot be grasped.

– Dogen Zenji

from the book “Enlightenment Unfolds: The Essential Teachings of Zen Master Dogen”

Limited expressions of the world of emptiness

All descriptions of reality are limited expressions of the world of emptiness. Yet we attach to the descriptions and think they are reality. That is a mistake.

– Shunryu Suzuki

quoted in the book “Teachers of Wisdom”

Gems of Wisdom – Zen Tradition

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As Zen students we have a job to do

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As Zen students you have a job to do, a very important job: to bring your life out of dreamland and into the real and immense reality that is. We are, actually, the whole Universe.

~ Charlotte Joko Beck ~

All know the way

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Laughing Buddha

Empty of Coming and Going

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When our hands rub two sticks together, that produces a fire that will eventually cease, but this fire does not come from anywhere to the sticks when it first begins to burn them, and does not go anywhere when it goes out. Fire is empty of coming and going.

Similarly, ignorance, clinging to the belief in self, mental afflictions, and suffering do not come from anywhere and they do not go anywhere.

We can apply this to the experience of dreams as well and see that whatever appears in dreams, whatever happiness or suffering, it does not come from anywhere and it does not go anywhere. In the very same way, all phenomena are empty of coming and going.

– Khenpo Tsultrim Rinpoche

from the book “The Sun of Wisdom: Teachings on the Noble Nagarjuna’s Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way”
ISBN: 978-1570629990 –

translated by Ari Goldfield


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Incredible, limitless mind

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Our problem is that inside us there’s a mind going, “Impossible, impossible, impossible. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” We have to banish that mind from this solar system. Anything is possible; everything is possible. Sometimes you feel that your dreams are impossible, but they’re not. Human beings have great potential; they can do anything. The power of the mind is incredible, limitless.

– Lama Yeshe

from the book “When the Chocolate Runs Out”
ISBN: 978-0861712694 –

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Our essential Mind is pure

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Treasure silence when you find it, and while being mindful of your duties, set time aside, to be alone with yourself. Cast off pretense and self-deception and see yourself as you really are. Despite all appearances, no one is really evil. They are led astray by ignorance. If you ponder this truth always you will offer more light, rather then blame and condemnation.

You, no less than all beings have Buddha Nature within. Your essential Mind is pure. Therefore, when defilements cause you to stumble and fall, let not remorse nor dark foreboding cast you down. Be of good cheer and with this understanding, summon strength and walk on.

~ Dhammavadaka ~

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How Einstein Saw the World

“As man becomes conscious of the stupendous laws that govern the universe in perfect harmony, he begins to realize how small he is. He sees the pettiness of human existence, with its ambitions and intrigues, its ‘I am better than thou’ creed.

This is the beginning of cosmic religion within him; fellowship and human service become his moral code. Without such moral foundations, we are hopelessly doomed.If we want to improve the world we cannot do it with scientific knowledge but with ideals. Confucius, Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi have done more for humanity than science has done.We must begin with the heart of man—with his conscience—and the values of conscience can only be manifested by selfless service to mankind.

Religion and science go together. As I’ve said before, science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind. They are interdependent and have a common goal—the search for truth.

Hence it is absurd for religion to proscribe Galileo or Darwin or other scientists. And it is equally absurd when scientists say that there is no God. The real scientist has faith, which does not mean that he must subscribe to a creed.

Without religion there is no charity. The soul given to each of us is moved by the same living spirit that moves the universe.”

~Albert Einstein

Tao & Zen

Every second of this human life

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Every second of this human life is more precious than skies of wish-granting jewels.

– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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