The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step


Source: Equanimity | Great Middle Way

Jan 13, 2019

49092810_10217774678619674_4310433241304662016_nWhen it happens that you feel excited and joyful or are honored and served, don’t fall prey to the demon of exhilaration, with your feelings soaring high in the sky. Bow your head, keep your feet on the ground, and let your body and mind rest totally at ease.

When it happens that you are sick and suffer, are robbed, or your things are stolen, when you are scolded, defamed, or physically abused, have misfortune, or are starving, then don’t let your head hang low, don’t let your complexion pale or your tears drop, but remain happy, smiling, and in good spirits.

—Patrul Rlnpoche

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