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Not Real

Dec 7, 2017

Nagarjuna-232There is no reality in a dream but nevertheless

we believe in the reality of the things seen in a dream.

After waking up, we recognize the falsity of the dream

and we smile at ourselves.

In the same way, persons deep in the sleep of the fetter

cling to the things that do not exist;

but when they have found the Path, at the moment of Enlightenment,

they understand that there is no reality, and laugh at themselves.


Moreover, by the power of sleep,

dreamers see something there where there is nothing.

In the same way, by the power of the sleep of ignorance,

a person believes in the existence of all kinds of things that do not exist:

‘me’ and ‘mine’, male and female, and so on.


In a dream, we enjoy ourselves

although there is nothing enjoyable there;

we are irritated, although there is nothing irritating there;

we are frightened, although there is nothing to be afraid of there.


In the same way, beings of the threefold world,

in the sleep of ignorance,

are irritated although there is nothing irritating,

enjoy themselves although there is nothing enjoyable,

and become frightened, although there is nothing frightening.

—Nagarjuna, Mahaprajñaparamitopadesa, Ch. XI

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