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A perversion of the Dharma

Source: A perversion of the Dharma | Great Middle Way

July 8, 2017

339a2e7eaf350a41cfbb325ca30631aa--buddhist-teachings-buddhist-artThe Buddha said time and again in the sutras: “My followers should give up all evil actions that directly or indirectly injure others.”

One may disregard his words; one may consciously lead others to commit evil in provisioning oneself with meat.

One may think, “There are always skillful means in the sutras and tantras that counteract the evil so that I shall still be pure of stain.”

And one can let oneself off the hook by telling oneself that there are substances to be placed into the animals’ mouths and words that can be whispered in their ears and impressed upon their minds so that they will not remain in the lower realms.

But to do this reveals a complete failure to grasp the meaning of the Buddha’s teaching. It is a perversion of the Dharma.

—Shabkar Tsogdruk Rangdrol


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