The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

Virtuous Acts

Source: Virtuous Acts | Great Middle Way

June 8, 2017

14222314_10210654308704015_4322388365128459346_nVirtuous acts are the antithesis of non-virtuous acts. They are extensions of observing the Precepts. They do not supplant or supersede them.

We cannot begin to protect life if we do not stop injuring and killing others.

We cannot be generous while taking what is not freely given.

We cannot speak beneficially while lying and offending.

We cannot respect others while abusing their bodies.

We cannot cultivate sobriety while intoxicated.

How many persons who claim to be “pro-life” support the death penalty? How many eat animals? How many hunt? How many applaud violence and wars?

One cannot claim to protect life while continuing to, directly and indirectly, deprive others of life. And it is thus with all virtuous acts.

If we do not observe the Precepts, all so-called good acts are a deception.


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