The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

10 x 10

Source: 10 x 10 | Great Middle Way

June 2, 2017

18881791_10154727846071139_8677273632305250741_nWhen we arise from formal meditation, it is best not to become obsessed with our own thoughts. They are mere appearances in the empty luminosity of the mind, and most of the time are not worthy of more than a passing glance. We just do the needful: the contemporary equivalents of “chopping wood and carrying water”, as Japanese Buddhists say.

On a “practical” level, we extend our spiritual cultivation by selecting ten or more times during the day when we stop briefly and recite om amideva hrih ten times, or take ten deep breaths, or take ten mindful steps, or sit quietly for ten minutes, or take Refuge, or read an inspiring text or prayer for ten minutes.

The practice of 10 x 10 keeps our spiritual cultivation fresh, and frees it from the confines of formal meditation.


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