The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

The Way of Bodhisattvas

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To love without conditions,
when others withhold love.
To refrain from judgment,
when others are judging.
To speak kindly, when
others speak with hostility.

To be open and trusting,
when others are fearful.
To be generous and giving,
when others are selfish.
To share joy and gratitude,
when others are sharing anger.

We are not here to change others.
We are here to BE loving and peaceful,
to be joyous, fearless and trusting.
And THAT changes everything.

As our hearts open to each other
the illusion of “other” dissolves.

To be as simple as a child,
at peace with the Universe.
This is how humanity’s fears
are soothed and lifted.

~Tao & Zen~


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