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10 x 10 for PEACE

Source: 10 x 10 for PEACE | Great Middle Way

Om_Mani_Peme_Hung_Hri_3_copyEverywhere, people of good will want peace. However, most of us feel overwhelmed by the prevalence of violence, fueled by animosity and hatred. Peace requires not only the wisdom to practice patience in the face of those situations that agitate us, but also compassion for the suffering of others, whether “friends” or “enemies”.

While it is true that we have little control over external circumstances and the behavior of others, we can increase our own commitment to peace, and express it in word and deed. However, in order to do so, it is important to develop a strong, continuous intention.

Mantra, the mental repetition of a short formula, is ideal for this purpose. We can recite mantra whenever we would like to cultivate our intention to manifest peace. It is especially beneficial to substitute unwholesome expressions of fear, anger, or worry with wholesome mantra recitation.

Reciting the Mantra of Great Compassion, OM MANI PEME HUM (May the union of wisdom and compassion manifest in all minds!) can assist us in sustaining our commitment to peace. It is not magic. It is merely (but effectively) a skillful means to remember and strengthen our intention.

Please consider reciting ten repetitions of OM MANI PEME HUM ten times each day. 10 x 10, as the practice is known, is easy, beneficial, and effective in transforming the mind. Recitation periods are not fixed, but it is suggested that one ‘anchor’ the practice at these times: upon waking, mid-morning, before and after each meal, mid-afternoon, and before sleep.

May the union of wisdom and compassion manifest in all minds!

The lotus is in the mud.

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