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How To Reduce Stress

Source: How To Reduce Stress | Great Middle Way

estrés-emprendedorStress that is not properly managed and resolved leads to tension, stiffness, detectable pain, or emptiness, and ensuing:

  • Contraction of the affected energy meridians, with consequent expansion in others through compensation.
  • Deranged circulation (excessive, deficient, or unsuitable) of vital force to the main energy centers.
  • Derangement of the power of transformation.
  • Derangement of the power of resistance and resiliency.
  • Functional and structural disorders.

Please observe all your activities, with special attention to sensory input (thinking, hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, and smelling), and consider which can be:

  • AVOIDED – stressors that can be eliminated entirely
  • ALTERED – stressors that can be adjusted in frequency, duration, volume, location, etc
  • ADAPTED – stressors to which we can oppose strategies to increase resilience
  • ACCEPTED – stressors which cannot be avoided, altered, or adapted, but toward which we can change our attitude, thus reducing ensuing stress

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