The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

Why We Call It “Practice”

Source: Why We Call It “Practice” | Great Middle Way

pathSpiritual practice is preparation for everyday life, for benefitting beings in every interaction.​

​Practice is not something we do for ourselves and our individual happiness. We cannot stop suffering in isolation from other sentient beings, human and non-human. ​Yes, we need to train to attain liberation and enlightenment, but we do so in order to be of service to others.​

Regardless of what teachings or what lineage we follow, it is our intent that defines whether we are moving along the lesser, narrow path of individual liberation or the greater, broad path of universal enlightenment.

It is the heart advice of our Lamas that we make swifter and more transforming progress if we dedicate ourselves to the happiness of others. Compassion is the highest manifestation of wisdom.


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