The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

You are not yourself

Never look at the world in comparison. Do not compare yourself to the average and think something is wrong when you do not fit in. Considering society as it is currently you are on the right track if you don’t fit in. I am not saying to deliberately be anti establishment. That too is ignorant.

Pro establishment or anti establishment you are controlled by the establishment. You are not yourself. You may not be doing what the establishment wants, but your actions are based on what society doesn’t want for you. Your actions are not authentic they are determined from something outside yourself. Don’t be pro or anti establishment. Transcend both states. Be who you are. Be an authentic expression of life.

To be authentic simply listen to your heart and become aware of your self and your being. Then do whatever is done. Do not choose action, let your intuition and your awareness choose. Let your awareness and intuition act. Take yourself out of the decision.

Have faith, don’t be afraid to be authentic, don’t be afraid to surrender the self. Don’t interfere with your inner flow, your inner energies. Allow, all your inner nature to unfold. Allow others to be pro or anti establishment. Pay them no mind. You should have the right to be anyway you want to be. Others should be given the same right….

Source: Bradley Ross Coutts


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