The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

Every word, every label, empty. It is an empty vessel for meaning

Every word, every label, empty. It is an empty vessel for meaning. The meaning may be true or false. The word cannot be either true or false. Just an empty vessel. The label and the word are useful in the outside world. Necessary even to get around and survive in this outward world. But within yourself the label becomes truly empty, as you must be. Empty your mind of labels.

The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao. Tao is a label, the real Tao is indescribable, and to be experienced without thought, concept, label, or word. One may impart some superficial understanding of the inner experience with words, but it will only be a guide or a map to the experience, never the experience itself.

To take a map as truth is ignorance. To take the map of Tao to be Tao is ignorance. Just ask yourself from your own experience is looking at a map of Mount Everest the same as climbing it? Do you know the hardship of the journey, the bliss of reaching the summit? The bliss of getting back to the bottom? Does the map show everything you will see and experience on the climb? If not, then how can a word transmit an experience? In the spiritual dimension words can only be a map and nothing more. Do not believe the map, just be guided by it, go see for yourself what is the case, what is the fact. As well, never hurts to have more than one map. ~ BRC.

Bradley Ross Coutts


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