The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step

A Buddha’s Last Prayer

may every breath i breathe,
help relieve the suffering
of the many…
may every step i take,
be on the path of truth.
may my eyes see myself
in all living beings,
may my heart do the work
that compassion demands.
may i feel every tear,
every hurt, every need.
may i touch with sacred hands.
may my body be a bridge,
and my spirit healing ointment.
may my words fall like rain
on the desert of need.
may i give without hesitation,
and without expectation.
may i grasp the hand that needs help,
and let go of all else.
may my life be both prayer,
and the much needed answer.
may my identity be both lost
and found in all living beings!

~ Eric Cockrell ~

Source: Sojourners Path – Timeline Photos


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